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PRIMASLIT ® FL Duplex Front Loading Slitter Rewinder

The PRIMASLIT ® FL (Front Loading) Duplex Slitter Rewinder is the most compact converting slitter with both the unwind and rewind sections on the same side, allowing free cutter access, easier web passage and requiring minimum operator movement.

PRIMASLIT FL - Duplex Slitter Rewinder Front Loading
PRIMASLIT FL - Duplex Slitter Rewinder Front Loading

Technical Specification

Position , type of unwind Front, integral
Maximum web width 1300 mm (upto 1650 mm on request)
Maximum unwind diameter 800 mm
Unwind core inner diameter 76 mm and 152 mm
Maximum rewind diameter 500mm
Rewind core inner diameter 76 mm
Minimum slit width 50 mm (30 mm on request)
Layon displacement Angular
Layon actuator Pneumatic piston
Rewind splicing Manual
Tension management Automatic, requires operator input
Job setup Manual
Static management Static elimination
Maximum machine speed 600 m/min
Rewind change-over time Job and operator dependant
Materials handled Plastic films, flexible packaging laminates

Optional Features

Shear cutting mode – tangential, for paper and aluminum foil based laminates
Trim winding unit for the compact accumulation of trim waste
Rewinding on 152 mm / 70 mm ID rewind cores
Additional safety devices

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