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Automatic Job set-up for Converting Slitters

25 Feb 2021 | Posted in : Updates

Job set up on a converting slitter rewinder is about aligning multiple cutters and cores to the package design. The ROBOSLIT® plus features an automatic job set- up which carries out this repetitive task swiftly, flawlessly and with minimum passage of substrate, allowing one to slit and rewind ‘in register’ within the first few meters of a new job. Advantages include operator friendliness, faster set ups and reduced wastage, all of which add up to significant savings and a fast ROI on the additional investment that this feature entails.

Servo Positioned Web-Guide

Based on the job data provided to the PLC under the recipe option, a ball screw coupled to a servo motor moves the web- guide to the appropriate position. This position serves as a reference for the cutter and core positioning mechanisms described below.

Automatic Cutter positioning

In the air cut mode, the razor holders, collectively mounted on an air shaft are brought to their respective positions one after the other either manually under assistance of a servo driven traveling laser in case of the semi- automatic version or through a pick & place device when the fully automatic version is opted for. In case of the semi-automatic version, the same traveling laser is used to position the bottom knives on the bottom shaft whereas an independent pick and place device carries out this operation in the fully automatic version.

Automatic core positioning

Depending on the level of automation selected, the cores at the rewind are positioned using the reference of traveling lasers or by use of traveling pneumatically actuated core locators which define the correct position of each successive core.

See video below.

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